Covid 19 Update in Lagos Nigeria

Please permit me to have a gloat.  I had projected that we will not reach 500 cases of corona virus by the end of the first 14days. We are now at 362 according to NCDC. The full figures as at today 15th April are 362 new victims, 99 discharged and 11 deaths. This is stil comparatively low and almost nothing if you compare to the rates of other such communicable diseases like pneumonia to mention just one and also figures internationally. I want to presuppose that side ways local transmission would have jumped from its 46 % to somewhere around 55 % since we have not been told. But if u see the Kano case and the recent Lagos cases you will agree with me.

So the President in his last speech last night has said that the lockdown will continue for as long as it is needed to hold this scourge.  States have however said they will look at it on a case by case. But Lagos who has over 70 % of all recorded cases seem to be in the lurch as there would be no uhuru for us on the lockdown. My thinking is that we cannot lockdown forever because we will be getting new cases far and into the foreseeable future. 

With the agreed international  features of the illness- no known cure, 2% average mortality rate, 80% recovery rate on all cases except with underlying cases, simple home remedies for relief as we have been hearing then CoVID should immediately be downgraded to the level of pneumonia and treated as such.

 My reasons 

It is still very dangerous and its rate of infection is faster than even the 5G but fact, it hardly kills except underlying illnesses and carelessness as could be the case with 90 % of Nigeria’s recorded death. Lets instead ramp up aggressive awareness campaigns as to the prevention of this dangerous  illness especially amongst the 90 % poor who dont seem to understand what is going on. Strict measures of prevention and containment shd be enforced and serious public education. If we continue with the lockdown, we risk a breakdown of law and order as we are seeing in Lagos where bandits are looting.

Health workers must be given their benefits as at when due, given protective gears to do their work and better compensated so they can continue to lead the frontline.

These figures are respectable to say the least and kudos must be given to Government and its agencies even as we push them towards a more practical response which is to end the Lockdown.

Thank you – Joseph Edgar

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