photo studio in yaba
photo studio in yaba

EXECUTION IS THE GAME - How to Improve Your Productivity

There are a lot of motivational speakers that’ll tell you to dream big, have a vision, have a plan and all that. This is true because every big thing starts with a dream, an ambition of some sort. But you need to start executing on those dreams and aspirations you have.

photo studio in yaba
It’s not enough to have tall dreams as high as the mast of a phone network company but you have to back up your thoughts with actions. A dream that remains only in your head means nothing to any other person until it is brought out and acted upon. There are a lot of ideas that come our way that are really brilliant and if we were to act on them could really change your live. But if you keep your idea to yourself and never act on it, the idea or ambition could be:
  1. Executed by someone else and it could become very profitable. When this happens you’ll always bite your fingers in regret for your inaction.
  2. The idea could become obsolete. Most ideas and ambitions are time bound i.e. they have a peak period, they have specific seasons when there can flourish or they may just be something that may be useful within a three year period before another product or service sweeps the market.
  3. You yourself may lose interest and the motivation to do it. You may even forget about it altogether.

If you want to avoid this then whenever an idea or vision hits you, work with the inspiration it brings. Yes I know you don’t have to rush at everything that crosses your mind but you can at least document them and after you document you start researching that idea. Robert Kiyosaki- the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said “an idea is like a skeleton, you have to flesh it with knowledge.” So learn as much as you can on any idea that comes to your mind and in the process of researching you’ll know how viable the idea is and how successful it has been in other places or with other people. If you have an ambition, a dream; do research, learn how to make it happen. Searching for knowledge for a particular thing you want to accomplish is actually the first step in executing that idea. I have a blog post titled Start Something, I talk more in-depth on how to start from the very beginning of an idea or ambition.

But come to think of it, why wouldn’t anyone want to execute their ideas, visions and ambitions? Having an ambition to transform your life from what it is now to something better and more profitable and peaceful is really great and I want you to put your plans to actions but some of the things that hold most people back could be:

  1. Lack of faith. You don’t just believe something this good could ever be true, or its probably not going to work out for you. In subsequent posts I’ll talk more on Vision and Faith but for the purpose of this, know one thing for a shorty; “believe in the duality of everything. For if you believe that bad things can happen to you also believe that good things could also happen.” But you’ll never know except you try.
  2. Not ready yet. Many people hold back because they hold on to this notion that they aren’t ready yet. I’ve said this before, “your mind isn’t capable of wanting something that cannot exist. As far as something has entered into your mind somehow, it can happen!” Truthfully, I’ve fallen victim to this feeling a lot. Before I started putting out content on my blog and on YouTube, Facebook, twitter and Instagram, I always felt I wasn’t yet ready. I literarily had to force myself emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to make my first post on social media as a motivational speaker and now it’s becoming such a huge success. You just have to start where you are, right there right now and see what happens in six months.
  3. I don’t have the resources. This is the mother of all excuses. This very blog you’re reading now was first written in a diary my friend Anthony gave to me in January of 2017. Guys shut your mouth and do something. You have something you can start with and even of you don’t, you have something you can sell or barter to get what you need to execute your ambitions and plans. Subsequently I’ll talk about how to raise funds for a start-up.

Listen, the things that go on in your head are nothing until you bring them out. Your ideas are nothing but grey matter that is of no use to anybody even yourself except you do something about it to make it real. Take action on your dreams, wake up from the dream and make it happen. You don’t need to keep refining the idea until it becomes something totally different from what first came to mind. Execution is the game people. Without execution ideas are nothing.

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