Fear is Not Real - How to Stop Being Afraid

How will you define what is real and what’s not? We live in a world or relativity where nothing is peculiar to all people everywhere. There’s no moral relativity in this world. Relativity here means the absence of a universal standard of judging something; everything varies in different places and at different times in this world. So then let me ask again, how will you define relatively real? I think for me if something is actually real everybody should be able to admit to the existence of that thing just like a universal phenomenon. Everyone admits that air is real. We can’t see it, we can’t touch it but we all feel it right now and we know its real.

Today I want to address the issue of fear in our lives and let me let the cat out of the bag once and for all and tell you that the concept of fear is not real! That thing doesn’t actually exist. It’s not a natural phenomenon, we humans made it up. There are so many definitions of the word ‘fear’ but the fact that there is a word for it doesn’t make it real. Fear is a relative concept; there is no one thing that everyone everywhere in the world fears altogether. What you fear is someone else play thing.

Take for instance, some people fear air travel while some others look forward to their next flight, some fear large bodies of water while for some that is where they work, eat and play. So this therefore means that your fear for a particular thing is probably just in your head, its just a story your mind made up about a particular thing, probably because of previous information you’ve received on the subject matter.

Fear is one of the most negative and corruptible emotion people let themselves feel. It is a very great limiting factor. It traps you in one spot and you can’t do anything once it is in place. For while others are busy conquering, you let this thing called fear keep you scared from going out there and being the best you can. I want everyone to understand this, especially young people, the creatives- those with the talent to sing, paint, make music, write or speak, I want the science nerds to also understand this; fear is not real! It is a figment of your imagination causing you to be scared of things that have not and may never happen. The fear of what people will think or talk about you, the fear of not getting the expected outcomes, the fear of the unknown, we’re all making up these stories in our heads preventing us from taking the steps, the risks that will propel us to where we actually want to be in our lives. What you’re suppose to be a genius at, what you should be celebrated for, fear has kept you from doing it.

I hate fear! I hate what it does to people and how it turns their own strength against them. Danger is very real but it’s your choice to fear or not. Skydive is very dangerous but people brave it and do it for fun. You can and it is possible to actually get rid of fear from your life. The earlier you do this, the earlier you overcome one of the biggest huddles to your own progress.

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