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Things My Father Told Me About Life

He had a different approach to life.  He wanted his first son to toe the line but I rebelled. I didn’t like him. He beat me too much and i rebelled. Didn’t listen to him. Went the other way if he came towards me. I wasn’t going to  trudge the Abrahamic way, i was going to be me. He called me one day and said,’ come and cut your hair’ i said No. He slapped me. I looked straight into his eyes with a cold stare that was all i could do. Needed to stare fear into his eyes.

Soon I became a man. Life hit me and i started seeing the things he was saying. The women problem, the sack from various jobs, life issues and one by one i started seeing his wisdom It was no longer old school. It was life and i cried. Ran back home, he was ill. It was too late all i saw in him was pity. He thought he had failed me. I sat by his bed, in the old room at Fola Agoro Shomolu. It took him 5 years to go but in those 5 years he couldn’t talk to me again. I could no longer lean on him. His shoulders where no longer there for me. He had offered them to me for 20years i didn’t listen. The call came, he had gone.  I raced down to his house and all i could see was his lifeless body lay there and a wry smile on his handsome face.

Today, i am a man. His voice guides me. I hear everything he had tried to tell me that i taught were the musings of an old man who didn’t know nothing. Never forget the son of who you are. Was one of the ‘stupid’ things he used to say until 20 years later  i heard myself tell my own son on his way to America – remember the son of who you are- and just like me all those years, he looked at me with those same Edgar handsome eyes, ‘ what does he know, old Man.  As he made his way into the departure lounge, i smiled cos i know 20 years from now he would also tell his son. Remember the Son of who you are.

Joseph Edgar – April 16, 2020 

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